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    Egos. Icons. Outlaws.

    A longtime pet project of mine, marking a return to my roots as a musician, performer and player in the game called the Music Business.

    The Worlds Greatest Rock Band has now made the leap from idea to reality featuring artists, musicians, experts and enthusiasts drawn from of the convergence of networks within the music, film and fashion industries.

    It is at its essenence: an organic, dynamic, ongoing and legally-vetted supergroup of which everyone is welcome to be a part of.

    Not just a studio venture – expect everything from raw, unedited live takes appearing on albums and digital releases, integrated audio and visual performances, nuanced songwriting and the tube soaked musical assault that is WGRBs vision of what a true rock band should sound like and can perform like.

    Not to be confused with the greatest rock band in the world, the Rolling Stones.

    Jake Israel Media Group
    Toronto, ON